Virgin Maries of the World
Label: Lyra/Musurgia Graeca
Cat. No.: ML 4937
Year: 1999

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 Ah mon die
 Vorskan Ahper
 Planctus ante nescia

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Tracklisting + info:

1. Ah Mon Die
Extract from the Mass Missa Antilla of the Caribbean (Guadalupe)

2. Ulamentu Di Ghjiesu
Popular lamenting song of the Holy Week (Corsica)

3. Madonna De La Grazia
Popular hymn to the Virgin, from Southern Italy

4. Vorskan Ahper
Lament of the Mother For the Dead Son, Popular Song from Armenia

5. Armenian Instrumental
Haris Lamprakis

6. Planctus Ante Nescia
Lament Of the Virgin from the medieval manuscript
Carmina Burana (9th-11th century)

7. Como Poden Per Sas Culpas
From the Cantigas de Santa Maria, coll. By Alfonse the Wise (Spain, 13th century)

8. Simeron Mavros Ouranos
Dirge of the Virgin from Central Greece

9. Christo Jesus(La Cruz)
From the 'Evangelio Criollo', Argentina

10. Agnus Dei
Extract From The African Popular Mass Missa Luba, Congo

11. Saeta Por Carcelera
Antonio Murchiano (Spain)

12. Tara At Amama Salibi
Hymn to the Virgin from the Maronite Christian tradition of Libanon

13. Rosa Das Rosas
Song to the Virgin, from the collection of Alfonse the Wise (Spain, 13th century)

14. Arhontes Afougraste Mou
Dirge of the Virgin from Cyprus

15. Ave Maria Deus Ti Salvet Maria
Sacred hymn to the Virgin, of the 13th Century, Sardenia

16. Passiuna
Popular Hymn for the Virgin, Southern Italy

17. Virgjer Odhijitrie
Popular religious hymn to the Virgin Leader, protector of the Arvanites (Albanian speaking) area of Southern Italy and Sicily, with references to the struggle of their ancestors for the preservation of their faith

18. O, glyki mou Ear
From the Byzantine enconiums of the Good Friday Lament (Greek Orthodox church - 'epitaphios' service)